Bike park Javornik 2019

For a long time the end of the winter marked an interesting period when news and pictures of novelties from bike park Javornik started emerging on various channels. As many of you have noticed, this year has been unfortunately wrapped in silence once again, which, according to past experience, does not bear positive outlook.


We have to admit that we had little idea of what adventure we are embarking on when it became clear in late 2017 that bike park will be managed by members of Deš Fleš. For some of us Javornik was pretty much a summer home as we had been involved in this wonderful story since its inception more than a decade ago. We tackled this project with a lot of enthusiasm and optimism, soon realized how much effort running your own bike park actually takes so we dug our selves in even further and prepared a lot of news and improvements before the riding started. For sure we are most proud about new green trail, the Smoothie, which allowed the endless fun to both seasoned veterans and least experienced riders alike. We had also revived Javornik national DH race, which also crowned national champions. We are very proud that our event has been awarded as the best race of the season. Anyone who knows us is probably well aware that by the end of the past year we had already prepared a long list of improvements to be implemented in the upcoming season.


Unfortunately this season is not coming.

Company operating the resort is not able to fulfill the technical requirements needed for safe operation of the lift, which is the core of the bikepark. You can believe us when we say that a lot of energy and time has been devoted to finding out a solution which would allow the lift to continue to operate, but unfortunately none has been deemed viable. All parties involved hoped dearly for a different outcome, especially because we all see a lot of potential for biking on that hill, but in the end we have to accept the reality.


This means that the bike park Javornik, which played an important role on the development of mountain biking in Slovenia, might be closing indefinitely. A grand total of more than 10.000 volunteer work hours have been put into those trails, and even though this sound like an enormous workload we do not regret any of it because it resulted in great trails and endless fun in riding them.


This does not mean the Javornik is closing down completely as the winter operations with smaller surface lifts will continue when snow falls again.

We will return to our home turf and focus again on local trails and events.

Finally we would like to thank everyone who enabled the magnificent story of bike park Javornik: First and more important to the founder Sebastjan and supporting Kamplc crew with whom we had successfully collaborated in the past, to Albert who gave us the chance to run the park, all of the land owners, diggers, other collaborators/helpers and finally you, dear visitors, who helped us to live this amazing experience! Thank you!

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